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 Tonto, Keith and the big pink boob

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PostSubject: Tonto, Keith and the big pink boob   Fri Oct 10, 2008 2:48 am

Just thought I would add in this short and very uneventful mini tale. Not enough to make you laugh out loud...but maybe enough to kinda make you grin.

I walked from Ione over to Sandpoint with Dustin. (Campsites were about 50 feet apart) Me and Dustin started some shit and drank alcohol...standard operating procedure for Moyie. While over in Sandpoint, some doofus with a glowing glass of ??? and a glowing collar walks over with his girlfriend who had a big pink tit hanging out. Little doofus was acting cocky...but wasn't quite tanked up enough to really do anything stoopid. Good idea since there were about 6 Sandpoint guys there along with me and Dustin!

So later Dustin and I left Sandpoint and walked to Chewelah. (about a 100 foot walk) I was telling Mr. Dick (Richard Bates) about the big pink tit and he said they were visited as well. I guess Tonto had sipped his little glowing cup some since his Sandpoint visit and had some liquid courage in him. Even more big boys in Chewelah than there were in Sandpoint!

None of the Sandpoint guys were really interested and they sent Tonto on his way.

A little wile later Keith had arisen from the dead. Nicotine addiction. Smokey break. So I couldn't resist telling Keith about Tonto and the big pink tit. Keith looked me staright in the eye- kind of the way your dad looks you in the eye when you've not something correctly. He gets a fatherly tone and says, "So he wanted to fight huh? Now why might I ask did you not come get me?"

End of story right there folks. Just a little insight into the character of Keith! I thought that was so funny...I guess from now on when someone wants to fight and Keith is nearby we are obligated to at least offer it to keith before sending them on their way unaltercated!

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PostSubject: Re: Tonto, Keith and the big pink boob   Sun Oct 12, 2008 1:23 pm

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Tonto, Keith and the big pink boob
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