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 Moyie Mud Bog Story with pics

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PostSubject: Moyie Mud Bog Story with pics   Tue Oct 07, 2008 4:28 am

So I have Thursday the 2nd through the weekend to go to Moyie this Fall so Thursday I get up early and finish my truck. Bleed the brakes, hook up drivelines, add fluids, put on the nose clip, check lights etc...

Then we change tires and I decided that if it felt tow worthy, not only was I driving my mud bog truck to the mud bog, but it would also be my tow rig for my other truck.

Thursday night my friend Keith comes over from Colville towing his new truck he just got from our friend Dustin. An '89 Chevy shortbed on 38's. He also shows up with a new girlfriend, a girl named Mary that he had met earlier that day at McDonalds in Colville. Yes, seriousely.

So they stay the night at my place in Ione in one of the trailers, and Friday morning, I pick up my friend John and we head out. Me towing the Truck Blazer with my '80 GMC. The last time I towed with this truck was when it had 33" tires in 2001. The last time I drove it was in 2005.

We get there and set up camp. My accomodations for the weekend were a tarp and a hide-a-bed couch (as may be seen on TV in couch form on CMT on November 22nd).

I unload the Truck Blazer, unhook the trailer and put the 39.5" Boggers on my '80 GMC and un-cork the header dumps to be loud. Keith and Mary went driving around on the hills. John and I went out there too when Josh (Big S-10 on 54" Boggers) sheared front driveline bolts, and then James (Chevy luv on 38's) broke his front driveline too. Keith let Mary drive the '89 Chevy Truck around as several of us were talking, and a few comments were said about women drivers as we all looked over, and watched her nose dive the druck off the edge of the sand pit, and the truck flipped onto it's roof.

We all ran over... and all I saw was a flattened cab as the motor sputtered to a stop. I was thinking the worst. We got there and they had ripped open the drivers door and I ran up and held it open as Keith grabbed Mary's hand. She was hurting but alive and conscious. They slowly moved her out, as gas was pouring out the filler hose/cap. She was moved away from the truck and some local fire dept guys came over and checked her out. Her shoulder was hurting bad, but otherwise was ok. I tried pulling the truck back over before too much fuel leaked out but in the sand couldnt do it (I hadnt put my front driveline in yet) so we had Carrie driving Pappy's Blazer upright the truck, and then it was towed back to camp. A local mud bog couple (John and Ilene) took Keith and Mary to the nearest Hospital, where they found a broken collar bone. They were back later that night. We straightened the cab as best as possible, then I added oil and the truck still ran.

This is one of those rare instances where the fact that she wasnt wearing a seatbelt probably saved her. As she went over, she said she leaned over in the seat, which is what kept the cab from crushing her or breaking her neck sitting upright.

The rest of the group rolled in... Dustin with his S-10 on 42's, Wayne ( with Herbie on Steroids (VW Bug on a Blazer frame on 44's) got there along with my friend Rochelle who towed up my $400 Toyota pickup. And several others.

I fired up the generator and grinder and "customized" a front driveline for the Truck Blazer and got a driveline in that was a bit too short... then separated the slip yoke making a 2wd pass with the hubs out in the pit with no mud yet. Hmmm... I really guess it is too short if it wont even hold together with no power to it. So I found and modified another driveline I had with that was a bit longer, and gave another spare driveline to James Smith so he could fix his Chevy Luv.

Friday night we hung out with a bunch of other friends and mud boggers from other campsites that we knew, and lots of people came by to check on and talk to Mary as she was the 1st rollover for the weekend, at her first mud bog ever, having only met any of us the day before.

Saturday morning I ran both the Truck Blazer and my GMC and my Toyota. My friend John also ran the Toyota in the pit. It wasnt deep or rutted yet, but more just a mud slick to play around in. Another Toyota caught the edge of the bank and rolled onto it's side (no injuries). It was fun to just spin around and have fun, and there wasnt such a huge crowd like in the spring where youd have to wait in line forever.

Later in the day I was walking back down to the mud pit from camp and saw John was lining up for another pass in the Toyota, and I watched him as he went down the left side, hugged the bank... then... caught and over on the passenger side it went. It looked like a slow and soft tip over... but I started to run over. Rochelle was near and thought it was the same Toyota again that rolled earlier but I was like "No, that's my Toyota". She ran over behind me.

I saw John pop his head up through the drivers window and I asked himmif he was ok, he said yeah. So we hooked up a chain to the Tundra Buggy that was being used to pull out stuck rigs, and it didnt go back over, it just slid. Finally re-hooked and got it back on it's wheels, but had it towed back to camp to check all fluids first. But after it checked out, it fired up and ran fine, and we ran it the rest of the day in the mud. Just some body damage on the passenger side, but not bad.

That evening I made a few more runs with the Truck Blazer and went through the deeper hole that was starting to form on the right side of the pit. My last run of the night it was getting deep and bumpy. I hit it somewhat hard and my light bar flew off the roof and into the engine compartment (I wasnt running a hood), not hitting anything vital, and rode there the rest of the way. Pappy's Blazer lost all forward gears... so he started making passes through the pit in reverse. He started trying to talk everyone into going backwards... As Pappy said "Try going in reverse. It's a kick." But we all had forward gears so we went forward.

Keith's truck ran a few passes, but not good after the rollover, so it just eventually died and stayed down below for the night. He got so drunk he had to get put to bed like a child. Richard and Carlee's '72 Jimmy had a starter go bad, so they had to get towed back to camp. Dustin had some issue and had to get pull started to drive back. Pappy drove back to camp... backwards. I hitched a ride with Mike Williams in his street driven Suburban that he said he would NOT drive in the pit... so after 3 passes through the pit, his oil cooler line burned against the header and he had to get towed back to his camp. And all my rigs drove back to camp under their own power, as well as Herbie.

Saturday night we watched more off-road DVD's on TV at the campfire, visited some other camps, and my friend Dustin made a trade with Alex... traded his set of 42" Swampers off his S-10 for Alex's 52" Tractor tires.

Sunday, the deep hole got deep, enough to swallow Josh's S-10 with a 540 big block with 2.5 ton Rockwells on 54" Boggers. I ran the Truck Blazer some more in the shallower stuff since I only had "small" 44" Boggers, and did one last pass in the tow rig, before changing tires, loading up camp, cleaning up and getting ready to leave. Everyone else got ready to leave.

Last shot before the 52's went on. Dustin and Alex swapped tires just before Dustin left.

And all 3 of my rigs still started and ran.

I left with the GMC towing the Truck Blazer and Rochelle and John following me towing the Toyota. We were the last ones to leave and no one was around and all was quiet... just broken rigs left to be picked up later.

My GMC was running poorly as we left, so at the gas station I played with the timing and got it to run better, then it stopped charging, and ran without lights to the town of Priest river to Pappy's house, stopped there and charged the battery and put on my spare alternator, and got back to my place in Ione Sunday night.

I still had oil pressure, didnt blow a motor, and was happy.

More pics to come when I get the pics that others took with their cameras.

This is from my perspective and shortened, please anyone else who was there please fill in on other details I missed and stories I didnt add into mine.
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Moyie Mud Bog Story with pics
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