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 I found out a Dodge Dakota can pull a Semi Truck

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PostSubject: I found out a Dodge Dakota can pull a Semi Truck   Fri Sep 26, 2008 10:56 pm

Yeah, ok, so not fully.

So here's my shortened and very NON-exciting tale from my latest loop trip to Seattle/Portland and back. Wednesday a friend and I left Spokane at 7am, then got to Woodinville, Wa. after noon, and dropped off my friend who was buying a Honda Motorcycle and rode it back the same day.

I visited some friends, sold some parts, then headed to Portland yesterday to drop off and sell a few more parts and pick up a $75 396 big block motor core and a $60 set of roller rockers.

Had several hours to kill in Portland and decided to drive down by the Expo center cause its the only area I'm really familiar with from being at the big Swap Meet every year. Parked at a little spot by the Golf Course and Racetrack. I had heard a diesel motor running and sounded like equipment was just being run. But as I went to back out and leave, saw the traffic into the golf course was blocked by a Semi Truck that was jacknifed, after driving down this road realizing there was no outlet.

A bunch of cars were waiting blocked in. The truck was across the whole road area, where he had tried turning around, backing the trailer tires back against some big rocks that line the side of the road. He was headed in the right direction to pull away back down the road to go back out, but the rear tires kept spinning out cause of the angle and being on uneven dirt on the road side. A couple golf course employees were trying to assist the embarrassed driver. They were stacking pieces of rocks, or wood, or blocks that could be found under the rear tires for traction. With no luck. I grabbed a couple concrete chucks, but with all everyone put under, it wasnt enough.

I'm driving a borrowed 2004 Dodge Dakota (since my only dependable alternatives for this trip was my $300 '74 GMC camper special rust bucket that gets 7-8mpg, or my Stepside that gets 4-5 mpg and had boggers on it). I opted for the Dakota at 17-19 mpg capable of going up to speeds such as, the speed limit.

I went up to the driver and said "Do you have a chain?"

He did. So I backed up the Dakota, put it in 4-Low (not re-assuring twisting a little switch on the dash and waiting for the light to click on; I prefer the old fashioned gear shifter). He said for me not to stress out my truck too much. (If only he knew how I drive my Chevy's).

But anyways, I knew all he needed was a little tug to get the truck/trailer straightened out and all rear tires were on the solid ground. It pulled him right around no problem to where he got traction. Then there was a little issue with the rear trailer bumper dragging a big rock, but we got him over that. He said thanks, and we rolled the big rocks that were moved back into place, and everyone went on their way.

Nothing exciting, but thought it was funny how with all the people there with their cars (and a couple smaller trucks) they probably would have just sat there and not known what to do and could have turned into a hours or more long ordeal till someone would have called in a tow rig or something. At first I was wishing I had one of my heavy Chevy's there... but, well, in this case, a Dodge Dakota did suffice.

(Sorry, no pictures, I dont think the truck driver would have wanted the "evidence
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I found out a Dodge Dakota can pull a Semi Truck
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