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 Unlikely fix for wierd symptoms

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PostSubject: Unlikely fix for wierd symptoms   Fri Aug 01, 2008 10:35 pm

When I left Cory's house last night, I noticed the Brown Trout was running rough, but only stopped in gear (ran normal in Park and Neutral). As I was pulling up to Shucks to get some oil and a filter, It had sounded like an exhaust leak. Kind of a "puff puff puff" coming from underneath. When I got home, I crawled underneath, and it sounded like it was coming from between the cat and muffler. I was thinking "Great, clogged up the cat and now I need a new exhaust."

Well, I crawled underneath to change the oil today. First thing I saw was a wire hanging down. Looked up to see one of my plug wires had come off, so I plugged it back in. When I starteded it back up to check the oil level, the "exhaust leak" had dissappeared, so I put it in R, and it idled smooth.

So far, that's the smoothest V-7 I've ever come across.

Oh and I put 20-50 in. I ran up to Safeway, and came back, stopping at the Steer Inn. At the Steer Inn, I noticed the tick was a little quieter. So when I left, I ran her hard to Euclid to bump up the pressure, and then to my street off of Euclid. I had the radio on, so I wasn't really listening to the motor. As I was coasting to the house, I turned the radio down, and the tick was gone as I idled to a stop in front of the house. We will see tomorrow when I leave for the car show if the 20w-50 trick worked for me. I don't want to try the extreme 90wt trick I know one person has done successfully.

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PostSubject: Re: Unlikely fix for wierd symptoms   Fri Aug 01, 2008 10:56 pm

20-50 trick? You run oil? Get a Ford. They run just fine forever on black sludge that has got to be at least 220 weight. Good oil is for silly people who run Chevy's, Dodges and Internationals!

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Unlikely fix for wierd symptoms
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