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 Progress always looks backwards when I'm involved

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PostSubject: Progress always looks backwards when I'm involved   Mon Jul 07, 2008 3:32 pm

This is how "cleanup" is going. I am guessing it will look the messiest before it all get cleaned up. Here's what it's looking like before the car crusher comes up.

And as for the Fleet, some progress but not a whole lot:

Finally got my original 2wd red '78 that I converted to 4x4 in 2000, re-converted again but this time on a true K30 frame, and with a Dana 60, 14-bolt, 350, SM465, NP205. This was my 1st truck when I was 15. Couple weeks ago I finally got the old cab off the frame, put the front springs and front end under it, rear bumper, front bumper and winch, dropped in a motor, tranny, t-case, exhaust, then unbolted the red body off the other frame and dropped it onto the 1-ton frame.

Just before I did the red '78, I finished up the exhaust and other details on the '83 frame, and set the tan '83 C10 body on an '83 K30 frame.

On the brown '85, we just set the bed on it to get it out of the way. I got the 4.56 ratio 60 swapped under it. But still need to swap out rear end gears, and brakes, put in gas tanks, bolt an NV4500 to an NP205, put that in, pull the SB400 out of the '84 Suburban, put a flywheel and clutch on it, drop it in, and add a nose clip and paint the cab and nose to match.

The Blue K5 finally got it's 4.56 ratio Dana 60 front. Had to swap the Dually outers for SRW outers, and got the Blue Blazer finally sitting on it's own front tires. Got the winch on it, but still need to get the gears in the rear housing, stack the drivers side spring pack, and bolt it together, then finish the motor in the shop and put it in.

I finally got the GMC on axles and back on it's tires... getting closer, just needs it's motor now (on hold until I have enough money to buy pistons, and new parts that I am unable to trade out or buy used.

We can finally see the Big Crew Cab now... hopefully August will give enough time to get the 2.5 Ton Rockwells under it.

The Camo Blazer is sitting waiting now, back on blocks. But at least I got 3 of the 42" tires mounted up for it. No beadlocks, but oh well.

Rusty's Ventura project is on it's way to being on a Blazer frame:

The Landcruiser is on hold for now.

The Budget Suburban has been "adopted" by Jonny so it's waiting on him to have time to work on it, just needs a 4spd/205 swapped in, the 402 re-done, and the 60 front repaired. My green/silver Suburban is waiting on it's new 454, NV4500/205 swap, and one more tire. The Stepside runs and moves with it's temporary motor, that when replaced by the new motor, will be going into the Ventura.

I really need to put rear gears back in this and a front end so it can be driven.

I need to swap axles and spring out of this Orange K5 and get it running better, and swap a Dana 60 under my '73 International soon.

Darn tires take up so much room, I'm trying to hurry and assemble my rigs so that they can get tires put on them so that my tire pile isnt so huge.

These guys are just kinda parked here for now...

Here's my free Chrysler Newport with a 400 in it. It's a fun Rally car when it doesnt overheat or catch on fire.

I want to enter this Suburban at a mud race once before I rip out the motor for the Truck Blazer and part the rest out.

Who wants to take a guess at what happened to Keith's truck??

Overall, there is progress though it may not seem so...
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PostSubject: Re: Progress always looks backwards when I'm involved   Fri Jul 11, 2008 2:20 am

I saw Keith's truck... I'm guessing an airborne tree hit it doing about 40MPH?

My dog does not wear underwear. My 4x4 does not have a DANA 60.
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PostSubject: Re: Progress always looks backwards when I'm involved   Sun Jul 20, 2008 12:37 pm

I was there, so I can't guess. You should have taken a picture of the frame. It would actually look like progress has been made, with your help of course.

Good guess Wayne, I'll let you think that.

Bubba Russ

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PostSubject: Re: Progress always looks backwards when I'm involved   

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Progress always looks backwards when I'm involved
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