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 1-1-11 Hangover Run 7-Mile

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PostSubject: 1-1-11 Hangover Run 7-Mile   Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:19 pm

I missed getting pictures of alot of people and rigs. But here's some of the pictures I managed to take.

I tried running the Mudslide in 2wd most of the time since my PS pump pretty much doesn't work at all and 44's with 14" wide rims and a locker adds a little stress to steering components. My front driveline also binds up and was making noise, but I made a few attempts at the big hill. When I made it up one spot I realized that any steering in tight spots was borderline impossible. Had i forced it any more than I did I'm sure the rag joint would have busted at the steering box. That made trying simple things difficult when you can't turn just a little bit this way or that, when you need to. Then I broke the Detroit locker up front somehow and lost the drivers side front wheel from turning. Had John watch and it was kicking in and out, then finally stopped altogether.

I drove my Camo Blazer one time and tried a hill and my clutch linkage popped off. Fixed it and then I opted not to drive it again.

The main starter wire melted on the header and caught on fire and burned through on the Mudslide. A little snow put it out, then I loosely reconnected the wire and duct taped it and got the mudslide back up top when we left.

It wasn't that cold that morning, I drove out with my window down.

After I broke the locker

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1-1-11 Hangover Run 7-Mile
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