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 Big Al's Finals for 2008 and video

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PostSubject: Big Al's Finals for 2008 and video   Sun Oct 19, 2008 1:40 pm

So Wayne and I went out not expecting to do very well as far as the competition goes (there was an extended cab Silver Toyota with 383 stroker I had seen run before and knew would completely blow me away). But we went to just have fun for the last race of the year and see everyone and stuff.

So, once again, I drove my Stepside out there, and because of my "Accell" brand coil that I kept for free off a parts rig, it was considered an ignition modification (though it's just a stock HEI with an aftermarket stock replacement unit). Otherwise I could have technically qualified for the Super Stock class had I just swapped a stock GM coil and onto it real quick, but I figured I'd just run Modified and be the only Street driven truck in the Modified class that wasnt towed there.

But I saw that silver extended cab Toyota had shown up and I knew I didnt have a prayer to win anything.

It was good seeing everyone for a last race, and both Wayne and I actually did better than we expected. Wayne got 3rd Place in Modified and I won 2nd Place in Modified. Of course the Toyota won 1st but hey I was happy I even almost kept up with him for running a 5500lb+ truck with a 4spd manual and 1 gear only. Plus each time I ran him I had the right lane which was slower, and some others I talked to seemed to think I could have maybe beat him or at least been close had the lanes been swapped. I still kinda doubt it. That Toyota is quick, and I talked to him and he seems like a really nice guy (came all the way up from the Tri-Cities with Randy Mack)

Anyways, so Chris Black and John were also playing around with two minivans goofing off (at end of video). Scott from Poor Boys Tire got his 434 motor back from Steve Murfin and was running it in a new tryck he put together (a black shortbed). Lee?? I think was his name, with the fast Ford powered rail from Montana was running it with his son and fried the transmission.

As for winners:

Jim Smith Sr. won 1st in Open Class
2nd and 3rd went to?? I can't remember if Jeremy Cassall placed, or if it was the rail from Montana

James Smith Jr. won 1st in Super Mod running his Jeep/rail with the 427 motor out of his red Chevy Luv.
2nd and 3rd was Scott or Brad Cassell I think??

Jeremy Bales was 1st Place in Modified
2nd was myself in my Stepside
3rd was Wayne in Herbie on Steroids

Super Stock 1st place was Dusty Whitehead
2nd place was Chris Black
3rd was?

And stock unfortunately I didnt catch the places. Anyone know?
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Big Al's Finals for 2008 and video
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